Kent's Beard Company is a Kent company established in 2015, on the sunny shores of the south east of England .All products are designed and manufactured onsite by our bearded and dedicated team.

Our brand is called Pirates Blend .Co and Crafted Luxuries

Our products are formed from blending natural ingredients, helping to keep your skin moisturized and supple. We use ingredients high in vitamins and minerals, allowing to keep your skin moisturized and your beard well nourished. A perfect blend for sensitive skin.

We use only 100% natural carrier oil and essential oils with a mix vitamin E., giving you soften hair with a refreshing scent, which we test before selling. This is to because quality and customer satisfaction is the goal for the bearded gentlemen

Our goal is to create a distinctive beard care product range to support and nourishment for the bearded gentleman. Our brand encapsulates the style and spirit of the bearded lifestyle.

The motivation for the team is to produce an all-natural range of beard grooming products. From beard oils, balms and mustache waxes, beard shampoo, beard soaps, combs and wash bags.

We have work hard to create an honest quality beard care range.

All our products has a safety assessments, and a member of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers With a valid MSDS (material safety data sheet) and registered with the European Commission’s cosmetics database.


All our product is made with pure, wholesome ingredients, carefully chosen for their beard benefits and their impeccable fragrance. 

We only handcraft and in small batches to guarantee the prefect blend every time.

We use only 100% natural oils and essential

You can be sure that your goods were created with a whole lot of care and affection in-house by our small, yet dedicated team.


Happy Bearding